Which Train Table Do Kids Love


It’s the wish of every kid to have a train table in his/her playroom, whether in school or at home. Since there are a lot of train tables in the market today, it won’t be an easy task to single out the best train table for your kid. The following are some of the train tables that are best ranked for kids to have. Some factors to consider when looking for a train table are: safety of the kid, price, material made from, and many more.

Sodura Birch Wood Train Table

This is a wooden train table that is manufactured in the USA. The material used to make it is the birch wood, then afterwards a non-toxic finish of industrial grade is applied in it. the fact that it has 3.4 inch legs made out of hardwood guarantees stability and can handle a lot of weight from the toy train.

Beka Basic Train Table with Top

The two-piece top train table is also made in the USA, using the unfinished solid maple and birch material. The buyer can decide to buy Beka trundle drawers separately, which perfectly fit under the table. Alternatively, one can buy the table together with the drawers. Its height is 20 ¼ inches. But because of various kid sizes, you can order a particular leg size from the company.

Nilo® Multi-Activity Children’s Play Table

This type of table come in two different sizes; the 19 inches tall and 24 inches high. This ensures that the kid used the table for a long time as he/she keeps on growing. The material used to make the table is a hardwood frame, together with a top of melamine. It has some holes alongside the edges for one to easily attach toys and other accessories.

Little Unfinished Colorado Handcrafted Play Table

The material used to make this table is birch wood that is Baltic. According to the company, it can support a weight of up to 300 pounds, meaning that it is very solid. The height of this type of table is 19 inches tall. It can be purchased with a set finish of storage drawers.

Train Tables Online

They are available in maple, poplar, cherry and red oak, meaning that the table is purely made out of hardwoods. For the tops, there is a variety to choose from the solid wood boards to the Thomas brand. They also come with storage drawers, and are always custom finished.

Brio Play Tables

These tables come painted a scenery on them, like some blue at one corner to symbolize the water, and some green to mean grass. The table is designed particularly to be used with the Brio Deluxe Railway Set. They are among the best rated train tables in the USA and the UK.

Thomas Wooden Railway Play Table

Some kids are fanatics of Thomas. If yours is one of them, then buy for him/her a Thomas table. It has a train track shelf that is located between the two legs. It has a height of 18.5 inches tall, meaning that toddlers would be the ideal ones to play with it.


When looking for a train table, you need to first inquire the features it has, the price, and also the safety of the table.