Workouts That Help You Gain Muscle Fast

Most people want to build muscle fast and it can be so frustrating, especially if you slave away at the gym with no real results. A lot of people don’t know exactly which types of muscles building workouts will help them build muscle fast, they end up scrambling trying all different kinds of workouts. I agree machines are great, but the old fashioned way is great for building a chiseled physique. Today I want to help you build that muscle you want and faster than you ever thought. Below are the best workouts that help you gain muscle fast.

1. Squats

Squats are not king by accident, it actually involves your whole lower body and causes a natural response to release a lot of anabolic hormones. The reason squats will always stimulate your muscle to grow fast is simply because it is physically demanding. You really need to perform them properly if you don’t want to risk joint and spine compressions. Most trainers will advise you to use weights you’re comfortable with and if possible always have someone to supervise you.

To properly perform them, maintain your eyes straight ahead and make sure your legs are always shoulder length apart. Go as down as you possibly can and never come to a stop, immediately you reach down you should start coming back up.

2. Deadlifts

They are the best exercise for your back, glutes, and hamstrings, but need to be performed properly because they can also screw your back. It is basically a bend pattern, but very efficient and builds muscle fast. Never do a deadlift with your legs straight, it could hurt your spine immensely, slightly bend your knees to use your gluteus Maximus rather than your back. It stimulates the release of growth hormone and will help you to build muscle fast.

3. Bench press

I would best describe it as a squat but for your chest. If you want to build chest muscle and fast, this is the best workout for you. Always ensure your elbows roughly go about an angle of 45 degrees during your workout. When you do this you ensure just the chest is concentrated on rather than putting your weight on the shoulders. Remember to always keep your feet down to help with stability and support. There is no other workout that builds chest muscle faster than the bench press.

4. Military Press

The best exercise for building cannonball delts quickly and efficiently. It works on your rear deltoids, medial and anterior shoulder heads. It is advisable before you start to warm up in order to avoid injuries. The rotator cuff should be the point of concentration when warming up for any shoulder exercise. Your grip should be more than shoulder width and remember with each press to tighten the core. To work the shoulders properly, keep your body close to the bar.

5. Weighted dips

You may want to have bigger arms quickly, and this is definitely the way to go for that. Use the proper weight to ensure you don’t strain your back. Keep the abs engaged by tightening them throughout the exercise. Always balance your exercise to prevent under-growing and over-training, learn to work out smarter.