Using A Miter Saw The Right Way

Miter saws are great for cross cutting different materials such as wood, plastic, and others at a very precise form. Depending on the size of what you want to cut, the miter saw power and size you will need. The first one is measured in amps and the second one in inches. In general, the saw is seven and a quarter, ten or twelve inches. These features let the user know the “saw capacity” which is the maximum depth and width than the device can cut.

Knowing your cuts

There are three major cuts to when using a miter saw such as bosch miter saws.

– Cross cuts. As the named says, it is a vertical or horizontal 90-degree cut.

o After you have secured the board with the clamp on the miter table, then turn the miter saw on and let the blade get to its maximum speed. Then slowly let the blade cut the wood on the table.

– Miter cuts. These cuts are angled cuts along the width of the board. It is a typical cut on frames.

o Secure the material and then rotate the miter table to the desired angle. The miter saw will have presets angles, usually every one degree, so the user does not have to guess or use any extra tool. Once you have chosen the desired angle just lock the miter table and start.

– Bevel cuts. It is an angle cut created by tilting the blade. It can also be combined with a miter cut if cutting angles in two axes is the desired outcome.

o Once you have the material ready, just loosen the bevel lock knob and turn the saw to the desired angle. Similar to the miter cuts, most saws have rules and presets to let you know the exact angle in which you are cutting. Then, re-tight the knob and cut. Depending on the quality and price of your miter saw, it may only bevel towards one way (left or right) or both ways, the last one, of course, it is much more comfortable as you do not have to rotate your material so many times.

Security and safety

When operating a miter saw security and safety can not be stressed enough, although these machines can be very intimidating, if used properly it should have no risks for the user. The amount of power and velocity that the blade gains when working is tremendous and can easily cut any bone of the human body.

Even though it may come as obvious, the first step is to read and follow the warnings and instructions in the operators manual, especially if it is a pro model with added features. Then, using safety glasses and keeping your hands away from the cutting area is also a must.

Once you have made the cut and you turn the saw off, it is very important to wait for it to come to a full stop before raising the blade back up.

Lastly, if you are doing a sliding cut remember to always cut away from you opposite to towards you.